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Buyer Experience

Upon the opening of escrow, the buyer will be provided with the following items which need to be reviewed, completed, signed and returned to the escrow holder. Failure to complete and return these items in a timely manner could result in a delay of closing.

ESCROW INSTRUCTIONS: The Escrow Instructions establish Chartwell Escrow as the neutral 3rd party between the buyer and seller and outlines Chartwell Escrow’s role in the transaction.

CONFIDENTIALITY STATEMENT OF INFORMATION: For the title company to complete the title search, this document must be completed fully to your best ability. Any items that may not pertain to you, please indicate so by inputting “N/A” in that space. This document is kept confidential and is only supplied to the title company to facilitate the title search.

REQUEST FOR BUYER INFORMATION: Your new lender, if any, will require proof of fire insurance prior to the funding of your loan. Please designate your selected insurance agent or company and lender information. Additionally, this form will provide us with any contact information for during and after the close of escrow.

PRELIMINARY CHANGE OF OWNERSHIP: This form must be completed and submitted to the County Recorder’s office at the time of the recording of the grant deed. This information is used by the Tax Assessors office. There are penalties assessed by the county for failure to complete this form.

VESTING WORKSHEET: As soon as you have determined the manner related to how you wish to hold title, please complete, sign and return this document to our office. Consult your tax accountant or attorney for advice on deciding which vesting will be the best for your estate planning. Your new lender must have this information prior to your loan documents being drawn.

E-SIGNATURE AUTHORIZATION: For your convenience, and to help expedite the processing of some documents, Chartwell Escrow offers the use of DocuSign (where acceptable) to allow e-signatures on some documents. On any electronically signed documents we need this form completed and live signed as authorization to rely upon those documents should any party on the escrow be using electronic signatures.

Please note there may be additional forms or reports which are sent with your opening package that are specific to your transaction.