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Seller Experience

Upon the opening of escrow, the seller will be provided with the following items which need to be reviewed, completed, signed and returned to the escrow holder. Failure to complete and return these items in a timely manner could result in a delay of closing.

ESCROW INSTRUCTIONS: The Escrow Instructions establish Chartwell Escrow as the neutral 3rd party between the buyer and seller and outlines Chartwell Escrow’s role in the transaction.

CONFIDENTIALITY STATEMENT OF INFORMATION: For the title company to complete the title search, this document must be completed fully to your best ability. Any items that may not pertain to you, please indicate so by inputting “N/A” in that space. This document is kept confidential and is only supplied to the title company to facilitate the title search.

REQUEST FOR SELLER INFORMATION: Providing complete and accurate account numbers and addresses will help in avoiding any delays in obtaining payoff statements and Homeowner’s Association account statements and documents, if applicable.

1099-S INPUT FORM: Please complete and sign this document under penalty of perjury that all contents provided are true and correct. This form will be used when issuing 1099s related to the sale of your property for tax purposes.

SELLER AFFIDAVIT OF NON-FOREIGN STATUS: The Internal Revenue Service (IRS) requires all buyers who purchase real property in the United States from A FOREIGN SELLER to withhold 15% of the purchase price from the sale proceeds and forward same to the IRS (unless an exemption applies). This form is used to certify if the seller is a resident and will avoid any unnecessary withholding. For more information concerning the same, contact the IRS directly at (800) 829-1040 or try the Business and Specialty Tax Line at (800) 829-4933.

CALIFORNIA REAL ESTATE WITHHOLDING CERTIFICATE (FORM 593-C): This form will determine if the seller is fully exempt from the State of California, Franchise Tax Board withholding. Instructions for completing form 593-C are attached to said form. Any additional information needed can be obtained directly from The Franchise Tax Board (888) 792-4900 or (916) 845-4900. If a partial withholding exemption is selected a form 593-E will be required to calculate the amount to be withheld. Further information and instructions for withholding can be found at:

GRANT DEED: This document MUST BE SIGNED IN FRONT OF A NOTARY PUBLIC. Make sure you sign and the notary acknowledged EXACTLY as your name appears on the signature line. Notaries are always available in our offices upon your request for an appointment. Current photo ID is required.

E-SIGNATURE AUTHORIZATION: For your convenience, and to help expedite the processing of some documents, Chartwell Escrow offers the use of DocuSign (where acceptable) to allow e-signatures on some documents. On any electronically signed documents we need this form completed and live signed as authorization to rely upon those documents should any party on the escrow be using electronic signatures.

DISBURSEMENT OF SELLER PROCEEDS INSTRUCTIONS: Thisdocument mustbe signedwithalivesignature and will require the signature be notarized should a wire transmittal of the proceeds be requested. Bank information, account number(s), and name(s) on the account must be completed accurately and completely to insure the secure transfer of the funds. A verbal confirmation of the information on this form within 24 hours of the disbursement will also be required before any wired funds are remitted.